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About me & Testimonials


Originating from the UK but now residing in the Canary Islands, freelance artist Teresa Tunaley finds more time to devote to her love of art and painting. For more than 30 years she has been doodling traditionally with pencils and dabbling with watercolours. More recently she uses a more modern technique using software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro to produce her creations.

Along with published stories and poetry, she can be credited with award winning cover art and illustrations for author stories. Her work can be seen online and in print across the UK, US, Canada and Denmark.

Some of the magazines and e-zines you may be familiar with include: Champagne Shivers, FMAM, Wild Life Art Magazine, Wee Ones Magazine, GateWay S-F Magazine Stories of Science & Faith, Sci-fantastic, EOTU, Beyond Centauri, Revelations, Revolutions SF, Dark Fire, Fifth Dimension, Lunatic Chameleon, Tribal Soul Kitchen, Magicus Praecantrix, Brutarian, Black Petals, The Corpse, Rogue Worlds, The Zone, Premonitions, Kenoma and Horror Express as well as the newly released Magazine Continuum SF.

'I like to think that I am very versatile in my choice of subject matter - my new surroundings provide the inspiration for me to paint on a daily basis and the fact that others may enjoy my work gives me the confidence to continue.




I hired Teresa to draw 50 illustrations for a book recently published by my company.

Supplying Teresa with a two to four sentence description of what I would like to see in each image, we began. “Shocked” would be an understatement when I promptly received the first image and it looked better than what I had ever imagined and described. This same shock continued from image to image, as Teresa produced them perfectly. She added the slightest touches and original ideas that truly made all the difference; I would not have had these fantastic details, had I hired anyone but Teresa.

Besides being a gifted artist, she has the most incredible talent in understanding her clients’ needs and vision. Combined with that gift is a true professional – Teresa produced the entire lot of images several days before schedule date and my only regret is not meeting her sooner. In my 15 years of sales and marketing, I have worked with dozens of firms, independent artists, etc – and I have never had a better experience.

I will surely hire Teresa for my future projects, and strongly recommend her to anyone needed a spectacular graphic artist.



Jaqui Zian



I have been the editor and publisher of Kenoma e-zine, a speculative fiction (science fiction/fantasy/horror zine), for nearly a year now. To date, I have purchased all of my cover art from Teresa Tunaley. There is a reason for this. In my opinion (and I am not alone in this), Teresa provides the highest quality computer-generated fantasy and science fiction themed images in the business. She also provides excellent service and has been extraordinarily receptive to my needs as a new editor and publisher. When I get feedback about Kenoma, inevitably I am complimented on the outstanding quality of my cover art.
The best part is that Teresa has images available in her gallery at a reasonable price, so that even someone with a modest budget like I have can enjoy outstandingly professional artwork.




Bold, refreshing, versatile...Teresa Tunaley is a joy to work with. She's prompt, professional, and understands the audience that she is creating for. I highly recommend her."

Susan Stewart Brutarian Quarterly Magazine



Teresa’s artwork is unparalleled. Her rendition of the map for my first novel was impeccable. I would highly recommend her to any writer of fantasy who’s looking for an artist capable of rendering a beautiful style.

B.T. Robertson



Teresa is always a delight to work with. Her illustrations have been prompt and intuitive, capturing the brief/story perfectly. She is very reliable and clearly takes immense pride in her craft. Whenever I need a piece doing quickly and professionally my first thought is of Teresa. Both myself and our authors have always been impressed by her illustrations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

Sarah Dobbs Editor



Teresa Tunaley is a true talent. I was completely satisfied with the quality of her work and would gladly work with her again. She's a professional on every level and a real pleasure to work with.

Doyle Eldon Wilmoth Jr


CHAMPAGNE SHIVERSAs the editor of a horror magazine, I'm always looking for something unique, or even a little bizarre, for the cover of Champagne Shivers. Fortunately, artist Teresa Tunaley designed a fantastic cover for me featuring a female that was half spider, half human. Teresa's image generated a lot of interest in the magazine, and I was honored to showcase her work. She's an artist who delivers a high quality product that boasts an unusual imagination, and she delivers on time and on schedule. She's also a pleasure to work with. If you're an editor looking for something special for your publication, contact this talented artist. You won't be disappointed.Cathy Buburuz, EditorChampagne ShiversMargaret Searles, Mrs. Millet & Mrs. Hark Mysteriesfrom Deadly Alibi PressIt's just beautiful! And I love the illustrations --Teresa got the little dog just perfectly! Almost like she'd been there herself.You do great work! Thanks so much!FAME: Futures Anthology MagEzine! new fiction each FridayFMAM's online list!Horror Express MagazineTeresa Tunaley is a very reliable artist who delivers swiftly but with quality. Her striking artwork amalgamates the story to the artwork perfectly, giving the spectator the opportunity to share in the mood and atmosphere of the theme.From a writer and editor's perspective, Teresa’s illustrations provide the perfect accompaniment to fiction, conveying ambiance without giving too much away - truly a pleasure to work with!Marc Shemmanswww.horrorexpressWilliam "Nick" JohnsTeresa Tunaley, is one of the best artist that works with me. She is very reliable, very professional and has become a good friend. I would highly recommend her to any Art Director, or any Publisher.William "Nick" Johns, Illustrator/ Art Directorwww.lbfbooks.comwww.williamjohns.150m.comwww.blackpetals.comwww.corpsemag.comPhilip ReythI want to thank you for the wonderful artwork for my story. You know that is how I envisioned Max hooked up to the VR Hell. Bravo! Well done! Thanks again and have a blessed day. Hopefully I will have more stories and hopefully they will have you render them into images on Revolution or maybe somewhere else? Who knows, it would be great.Adios Amiga!Philip Reyth, Author: My Own Prison


April May RollinsI had a wonderful chance to work with this illustrator, back in May 2004. She illustrated my logos for my book review Website called The Coffee Cramp Reviews, She listened to what I want and not only did she deliver it in a prompt amount of time, she gave me exactly what I wanted and needed. A workable logo that not only could I use on the site, but on merchandise as well.I would definitely recommend using Teresa Tunaley and plan to use her services again in the near future.April May Rollins, Owner of The Coffee Cramp Reviewshttp://coffeecrampreviews.tripod.comTyree CampbellOver the past eighteen months, Sam's Dot Publishing has had occasion to publish quite a number of Ms Tunaley's illustrations, both online and in print. I can evaluate her work from three aspects.First: our online readers have selected some of her work as "best of issue," meaning that they like it over and above some of the other illustrations we've published. Our print readers have commented favorably regarding Ms Tunaley's work, both to myself and the SDP editors.Second: Ms Tunaley is always willing to help with an illustration. On a couple of occasions I have required a slightly different size or density or orientation of a piece, and she has provided the adjustment. She has also shown herself willing to create a new illustration if I can't quite find what I'm looking for. She is extremely easy to work with [and, in an emergency, I know I can count on her to provide a piece for me]. Moreover, although she does live in the Canary Islands, this poses no payment problems whatsoever for me.Third: regarding the quality of her work: Although I'm no art expert, I can tell that Ms Tunaley's work is always balanced, is subtle in nuance, and clear in design. Her illustrations either tell or suggest stories behind the art, which is precisely what I want the covers of our publications to do. When I buy a piece from her, I know the readers of our publications will be attracted. A Tunaley cover sells more copies.And finally: I regard Teresa Tunaley as one of the finest illustrators I've had the privilege of working with, and I look forward to many more years of her work.Tyree Campbell, Managing Editor: Sam's Dot Publishingwww.samsdotpublishing.comB.T. RobertsonTeresa drew the map for my first fantasy novel, and it is nothing short of stunning. The sheer detail and style she brings to her artwork, whether it be horror or fantasy art, is impeccable. I'm proud to have her art grace the back cover of my novel, and I look forward to commissioning her to do the next two books in the series.Author, B.T. Robertsonwww.btrobertson.comRob SantaTeresa, thank you for the powerful illustration for my story "The Tiniest Dragonslayer." I believe you utterly captured the juxtaposition of the dragon's power and Bryon's weakness. I'm particularly awestruck with the lower right-hand corner and the dragon's open mouth.Thanks again for the great illo



Hi Teresa. Well, I got my copy of SciFantastic this week and what did I see
but another super illustration by Teresa Tunaley ornamenting my story,

Once again, you caught the mood of the story perfectly, and once again I'm
begging for a JPEG to grace my trophy wall.

Pretty please.
O epimenon nika


You did the art for my short story REPLAY that is in the Summer Issue of Mysterical-E.

Your imagination though your art work caught Dana to perfection.

Thank you for your talented work for my story presentation.

Multi Medium Artist
Teresa Tunaley. 
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